For Halloween this year I wanted to do something special. I have finally been able to complete the “Bonehilda’s Alive” mod! Where you can have your very own live-in NPC Bonehilda to tend to your household needs. 

Bonehilda functions like a butler and has many of the same interactions as EA butlers. 
You can hire a Bonehilda and a Butler at the same time! 
Packs Required for Mod: 
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff 
  • Jungle Adventure 
Requires at least ONE of the following:
  • Realm of Magic
  • Vampires
  • Get to Work
  • Island Living

How to Hire 


Bonehilda is part of the supernatural realm and takes her orders from her employers at the magic realm. Because of this, only Occult can hire a Bonehilda. Humans cannot hire a Bonehilda.  

Occults Included: 

  1. Spellcaster 
  2. Vampire 
  3. Alien 
  4. Mermaid 
On your occult sims phone, under “Household” you will find a new option to “Summon Bonehilda”. Once Bonehilda has been hired she will report to your home. 

Assign Bonehilda a Bed 

Once a Bonehilda arrives at your home, you will then be able to assign her a bed. Like butlers, Bonehilda will prefer to spend her “free time” near her bed. So if you wish to designate a room for her she will primarily stay in that room. 

Bonehilda Abilities 

Bonehilda has most of the same abilities as normal EA butlers, as well as a few custom ones. 
Just like EA butlers, Bonehilda cannot be performing another task when you ask her to do something. 
If this happens there will be a pop-up notification telling you to wait until she has completed her current task. Once she has, you can try to make her do her appointed task again. 
*NOTE: Some options will not show up unless you have the objects required to complete the action. (I.E – Pumpkin Carving requires Pumpkin Carving Station, Clean up toys requires toys, etc etc) 
Below is a list of all of her current abilities: 


  • Reprimand 
  • Praise 
  • Tip (§100) 

Food & Drink 

  • Cook Family Meal 
  • Cook Group Meal 
  • Prepare a Bar Drink 

Pet Care 

  • Fill All Pet Bowls 
  • Clean Up Pet Toys 


  • Water Plants 
  • Rake Leaves 


  • Clean a Dirty Object 


  • Repair an Object 


  • Play Guitar 
  • Play Piano 
  • Play Violin 
  • Perform Comedy Routine 
  • Dance on Dancefloor 
  • Use DJ Booth 


  • Ignore Front Door 
  • Dismiss All Visitors 
  • Invite All Visitors Inside 


  • Stop/Start Attending to Minors 
  • Stop/Start Cleaning 
  • Stop/Start Gardening 
  • Stop/Start Repairing 

Objects Activities 

  • Carve a Pumpkin 

Child Care 

  • Attend to Minors 
  • Clean Up Children’s Toys 

How to Fire Bonehilda 

When you no longer need Bonehilda you can fire her by the “Dismiss Bonehilda” button under the household section of your phone. She will complete her current task and leave your home. 
You can hire another Bonehilda at any time if one is no longer in your service. 

Known Issues: 

Sometimes a bonehilda is spawned with high weight. 
Where her bones clip through her dress. 
If you have this issue turn on “testingcheats on” “cas.fulleditmode” and “shift+click” the sim and edit their weight lower to stop the clipping.
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