I have made two recipes that were inspired by mermaids and use ingredients from the Island Living expansion pack.

Standalone Recipes – These recipes will not override any others.


All of the following recipes will be found in SCCO’s “Mermaid Food” custom menu!

Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul is REQUIRED.

If you have the Dine Out pack, you will be able to purchase all custom recipes in a Restaraunt.


Tropical Seaweed Dumplings

Skill Level: 2 in Homestyle Skill
Serving Size: Single (1), Family (4), Party (8)
Restaurant Price: $11
Ingredients: Mermadic Kelp | Pineapple | Dough | Oil



Mermaid Birthday Cake

Skill Level: 6 in Baking Skill
Serving Size: Single (1), Party (8)
Restaurant Price: $11
Ingredients: Mermadic Kelp | Sugar | Flour | Milk


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