Today I have updated my default replacement grass! 
We will just call this version 2! 
The major changes with this version is there is only one flavor. 
All worlds now include my old default grass texture, I have also updated the sand textures in Oasis Springs as per request.
Worlds Included:  
Willow Creek
Oasis Springs
Granite Falls
Magnolia Promenade
San Myshuno
Forgotten Hollow
Brindleton Bay
Included in the .Zip are bonus terrain paints, and floor tiles for the grass and sand textures for you to use as needed. 🙂
You may use these with other plant and world replacements, such as Dani-Paradise Autumn Mod, and/or Realistic Clouds by G1G2.  
YOU CAN NOT use these with other grass replacements.
There are 5 package files included to change the grass in each world, if you do not have one of the packs listed do not install it. 
They are separated so you can choose by what packs you have.
(Magnolia Promenade, San Myshuno, and Newcrest are included with Willow Creek, if you do not have Get to Work or City Living it will only change Willow Creek.)
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