Fishing Expanded - A Custom Fish Mod

Install Guide

1. Download & Unzip the .zip file using 7-Zip or WinRar.
2. Place the files inside your mods folder. (File Path: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods) [Note: Script mods can only be 1 folder deep inside your mods folder, .package files can be up to 5 folders deep otherwise the game will not read them.]
6. Remove any .package files for packs you do not own.
7. Make sure “Custom Content” & “Script Mods” are enabled in your in-game settings.
8. Enjoy!

Once included in Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul, this mod is now made standalone! This way anyone can enjoy my fishing additions without needing everything else installed.

Those that use SCCO will be able to use all of the following custom fish as ingredients in cooking. Otherwise, these are just some fun fish additions.

These fish are also made edible if you use my “Eat Fish” mod.

Custom Fish Types

This mod adds the ability to catch the following fish types. More fish types will be added in the future. If you have any suggestions come by my Discord and let me know!

All of the following fish can also be mounted to hang on your wall and count toward the fish collections.


  • Fished From: Ocean


  • Fished From: Ocean


  • Fished From: Ocean


This mod is not compatible with any other mod that alters EA “FishingData”. This mod alters the fishing data tuning for different zones to add custom fish.

If you are another creator looking for adding compatibility let me know!

No Known Issues.
If you find have any issues, please come by Discord for assistance.

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