PlantSim Lives

Install Guide

1. Download the .package file on this page.

2. Download XML Injector by Scumbumbo 

3. Put the .package and XML Injector script in your Documents/Electonic Arts/Mods folder. Make sure that the script files are no more than 1 folder deep or the game will not read them.

4. Make sure Script Mods are enabled in your in-game settings.

5. Enjoy!

I absolutely love PlantSims! Since TS2 they have been one of my favorite life states. Sadly in TS4 they were added as a temporary life state, which was a big letdown. Most people don’t even know about them unless they played the game during the 2016 Spring Challenge.

This mod is here to fix that and bring a more permanent PlantSim play style.

How to Become a PlantSim (With this Mod)

With this mod, there are multiple ways to become a PlantSim depending on how you want to experience it.

  • “Plant-a-Sim” EA Scenario

The new EA scenario allows you to start/choose a household to start the “PlantSim Challenge”. Once you start the scenario your sim will have a “Forbidden Fruit” in their inventory. Eat the fruit to become a PlantSim.

  • Reward Store Trait

With 500 reward points, you can purchase the “PlantSim” reward store item. This will give your sim a “Forbidden Fruit” in their personal inventory. You can then eat it to become a PlantSim.

  • Mysterious Tree Adventure – Willow Creek

If you befriend the Mysterious Tree near the “Crick Cabana” lot in Willow Creek eventually it will open up a secret door for you to explore. If you successfully complete the adventure you will be asked to go to “Sylvan Glade”, once you travel there your sim will be given a “Forbidden Fruit” in their personal inventory.

Difference between EA PlantSims & PlantSim Lives

  • Be a PlantSim Forever

With PlantSim Lives, there is no longer a time limit on being a PlantSim. You will be a PlantSim forever unless you take the cure to turn your Sim back into a human.

  • Use Any Hair! 

With PlantSim Lives you are able to use any hairstyle on your PlantSims. You are no longer limited to the short hairstyle EA forced PlantSims to have.

  • Less Idle Animations

PlantSims have 2 idle animations they do. One during photosynthesis and one randomly where they grow these little leaves as pictured. With PlantSim Lives I have reduced how frequently this happens. So PlantSims will only do these idle animations occasionally instead of pretty much every 5 sim minutes.

Custom PlantSim Interactions

With this mod, you will find new interactions for PlantSims and for other sims to use with PlantSims. More interactions will be added over time.

  • Friendly | Complain About Aphids – A PlantSim when sad/stressed/uncomfortable will get this new interaction.
  • Friendly | Complement Foliage – Any sim can complement a PlantSim.
  • Friendly | Discuss Gardening Tips – PlantSims can talk about gardening tips with other PlantSims.
  • Friendly | Enthuse About PlantSims – Any sim can enthuse about PlantSims to a PlantSim.
  • Friendly | Talk About Nature – Any PlantSim can talk to any other sim about nature.
  • Funny | Joke About Devils Lettuce – Any PlantSim can tell a joke to another sim.
  • Romantic | Complement Aroma – Any PlantSim can complement another PlantSim.
  • Self Interaction | Go on a Nature Walk – Any PlantSim can click on themselves to go on a nature walk.

I also recommend these awesome interactions by Triplis “PlantSim Interactions Mod”. These do work with this mod! 🙂

Custom PlantSim Food/Drinks

PlantSims generally do not eat. They need sunlight to fill their hunger motive. But on cloudy days there is no sun and your PlantSim could starve! So I have added the following items that your PlantSim can eat/drink to satisfy their need for sunlight.

These items can be found on any EA fridge/stove in the new “PlantSim” menu. If you use my Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul mod then this menu will be under the “Make Custom” > “Occult” menu.

  • Liquid Sunshine – A canned drink. Requires no skill level. Will fill “Hunger” motive.
  • Bottle of Water – A bottled drink of water, that is refillable. Will fill “Water” motive.

  • Bowl of Sunshine – A soup-like food, comes in single (1), family (4), and party (8) serving sizes. Requires level 7 Homestyle skill. Will fill “Hunger” motive.

Plant Tattoos – CAS

You will find 2 new tattoos in CAS, these are unisex. One is a remake of The Sims 2 PlantSim tattoo that covers the entire body, the other is a small flower located at the back of the neck. Each tattoo comes in multiple opacities.

How to Stop Being a PlantSim

If you no longer wish to be a PlantSim then you can spend 500 reward store points to buy the “Plantophic-C” PlantSim cure. Once you buy the reward item it will be found in your sims personal inventory. Once they drink it they will become human again.

Updates from version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

  • – Removed Script
  • + Added requirement for XML Injector
  • / Fixed reward store trait issues
  • / Fixed tuning errors and updated tuning for new patches

This mod is not compatible with any mod that alters the EA PlantSim tuning.
This mod overrides most PlantSim tuning.
A complete list of tuning overrides coming soon.

The “Bowl of Sunshine” is currently bugged, please do not use this recipe at this time. It will be fixed in a future update.

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