Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul

Current Version

This is the current public release version of SCCO.

Pack Requirements

All other packs have pick-and-choose files so you can delete the files for the packs you do not own.

External Mod Requirements

The above mods are a “Soft Requirement” for SCCO. This means you don’t have to use these mods. But it is highly recommended that you do or you will be missing features with SCCO and EA ingredients.

Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO) is a complete overhaul of all things cooking!

This mod changes all EA aspects of cooking to make them feel more realistic and immersive.

This mod expands EA recipes, adds more serving sizes to EA recipes, adds custom ingredients,  and even adds grocery shopping to your game.

I created this mod because I love cooking and wanted more from it in my gameplay.
In real life, you might not be able to afford a meal or need to shop before you can cook.
So now you have to in Sims as well!
Just be careful you don’t stave…

SCCO Features

SCCO has many different gameplay features included.

Use the tabs to the right to navigate through the features!

With SCCO you are able to shop for groceries in your game!  

This includes the ability to purchase all EA herbs, fruits, fish, and vegetables.

As well as many new packaged custom cooking ingredients that have been added to this mod.

You will also be able to purchase other creators custom harvestables and ingredients while shopping for groceries.

Shop for Interactions

You fill find a "Shop For" menu on different items in the game, these are where you will find the grocery shopping menus.

Included are:

  • Phone (Requires Cottage Living)
  • Computer (EA Order Menu > Shop for Groceries)
  • Tablet
  • Cash Register
  • Rabbit Holes (Click on your sim to see all store options)
  • Goldbloom Grocery Market Stall (Requires Cottage Living)
  • Produce Market Stall (Requires City Living)
  • Retail Lot (Download the Greenfield Grocery Store)
  • and more! New addon items and purchase methods are added all the time!

SCCO adds a variety of new ingredients to the game that you can craft at home with cooking or buy while grocery shopping. These items can be used to craft cooking recipes.

There are 2 types of ingredients in SCCO:

  • Single - Single item, required for the recipe.
  • Package - Packaged item, opens to give Singles.

When you open a packaged ingredient all singles will be placed in the fridge automatically. If there is no fridge available on the lot then they will go into the sims inventory that opened them.

Some single ingredients can be eaten directly without using them in a recipe... but be careful... some ingredients might make your sim sick if eaten raw!


You can find a full list of SCCO ingredients HERE.


If there are ingredients you do not wish to use in your game that is included with the mod, you can remove them. But note if you use the "Simple Living Lot Challenge" that came with Cottage Living you will be unable to fill the recipe requirement. It is recommended to use all of the ingredients included if using that lot challenge, or find compatible ingredients by other creators.

With SCCO all EA recipes relating to food and drink have been overhauled.

This Includes:

  • New Ingredient Requirements - All ingredients are optional unless you are using the Cottage Living "Simple Living Lot Challenge" which forces all recipes to require ingredients to craft. No matter what pack you own, you will be able to have consistency between all of your recipe’s required ingredients. You will no longer find any EA recipes that require no ingredients.
  • New Prices  - These prices vary depending on the ingredients called for. If you have all ingredients required to craft a dish you will pay nothing. If you are missing ingredients, you can pay a fee for the items you are missing.
  • More Serving Sizes - EA doesnt always give us all 3 serving sizes for each dish, with SCCO you have Single (1), Family (4), and Party (8) serving sizes for all EA foods.
  • More Recipe at Home - EA gives us a lot of recipes that can only be obtained from Market Stalls or other methods in the game. All of these recipes are craftable at home with SCCO.
  • Dessert as Baking - All dessert-related recipes have been changed from the Homestyle skill to the Baking skill, and can also be found in the "Bake" menu. All desserts require the baking skill to craft and will teach you the skill when you craft them. 


You can find a full list of EA recipes and SCCO's changes to them HERE.

Some recipes thanks to EA require you to taste them first from a restaurant, market stall, etc before you can learn how to craft them.

All of the recipes that you have to taste first have been added to their respected cookbook. You can now read the cookbook to learn these recipes. 

Not only are taste-first recipes covered in these cookbooks, but you can also learn the EA recipes that SCCO allows you to cook at home that EA didn't.

Cookbooks Included: 

  • Cookbook: Cultural Recipes – Teaches all City Living Taste First Foods
  • Cookbook: Experimental Recipes – Teaches all Dine Out Taste First Foods
  • Cookbook: Jungle Recipes – Teaches all Jungle Adventure Taste First Foods
  • Cookbook: Seafood Recipes – Teaches all Cats & Dogs Taste First Foods
  • Cookbook: Batuu Recipes – Teaches all Journey to Batuu Foods
  • Cookbook: Island Recipes – Teaches all Island Living Foods
  • Cookbook: Snowy Recipes – Teaches all Snowy Escape Foods
  • Cookbook: Werewolf Recipes - Teaches all Werewolves Foods
  • & More! New cookbooks are added all the time as new recipes are added.

Add-on Features

SCCO has a few optional Addon files you can use.

Use the tabs to the right to navigate through the features!

Requires Base Game | A functional bread box that allows you to store groceries, buy cookbooks, and more.

Note: You cannot use ingredients directly from the breadbox. This is just for storage for those that do not want the items in their fridge. 

If you want to use the ingredients in the breadbox storage, you will need to put them in the fridge or in your sims inventory.

Requires Base Game | Functional displays with little bags of chips that allow you to purchase them. (Requires Chips SCCO Ingredient)

Requires Base Game | Allows you to gather SCCO plant milk from Cowplants!

Requires Base Game | Functional storage chests that have interactions to store/take funds. These function like personal piggy banks in real life.

Who doesn’t love a good subscription box?
Just like real life, your sims can now set up a reoccurring subscription for all kinds of different food boxes!

There are 7 different Grocery Subscription Services:

  • Bakers Dozen – Contains items used in baking.
  • Butchers Block – Contains all meats.
  • Drink Crate – Contains different drinks.
  • Meal Time – Contains enough food for a family of 4.
  • Munchie Madness – Contains only snack items.
  • Vegetarian Haven – Contains tofu and veggies/fruits/herbs.
  • Plasma Night – Contains plasma packs.

Each subscription box has its own set price you are not charged for.
You are not charged until you open your subscription box once it is delivered to you.

Subscription boxes are delivered by mail every Monday! 

How to Start Service:

On any normal computer, there will be a new option called “Grocery Subscription Service”.
Under this option, you will find all of the new box types.
Click on the box you want and then you will be prompted with another window with information about the box as well as the ability to cancel a box.

Every sim in your household can sign up for the subscription service individually.
All of the boxes that come in the mail will have the name of the sim that ordered them on the box.

NOTE: Boxes must be opened in a Sim Inventory. 
They cannot be opened in the world, but they can be placed in the world.

You can have as many subscription services as you want going at one time.

How to Cancel Service:

You can cancel your subscriptions at any time by going to the computer and selecting the “Cancel Subscription” option on the box type that you no longer want to be delivered.

If you received a box that you no longer want, there is an option to send the box back.

NOTE: You must cancel the subscription with the sim that started the subscription. 

Requires Base Game | A functional display that allows you to purchase all EA and Custom Seeds. Special thanks to Menaceman44 for the edited Sims 2 mesh conversion.

Requires Get Together | Adds a new club activities to "Go Grocery Shopping"

Requires Seasons | Adds new holiday traditions to "Go Grocery Shopping".

Requires Eco Lifestyle | Allows you to harvest SCCO Red Meat, Pork, and Poultry from the Meat Wall.

Requires Eco Lifestyle | Unlocks the ability to harvest EA/SCCO meat without the career requirement.

Requires Journey to Batuu | Allows you to purchase Single (1), Family (4), and Party (8) serving sizes from the Batuu food market stalls,

Requires Discover Univeristy | A functional drink machine that allows you to get various drinks for a price.


SCCO is modular! Meaning you will be able to pick and choose files that you want to use and get rid of anything you don’t.

SCCO was made modular to not only allow users the ability to use the mod as they wish but to add the ability for more compatibility between other creators in the community.

SCCO is the #1 cooking mod for compatibility. The goal of this mod since I started creating it was to bridge the gap between EA and the creators in the community.


SCCO is compatible with the following creators customs:

You will need the “Food/Drink” interactions mod for Icy’s creations. 

Partial Compatible

SCCO is partially compatible with the following creators: 

You will need to read these creators’ install information carefully to ensure compatibility.

Not Compatible

SCCO is not compatible with any mod that:

  • Overrides EA food recipes
  • Overrides EA drink recipes
  • Overrides EA ingredient object catalog
  • Edits EA “StartCrafting” food/drink menus.

Find a full list of incompatible mods here or on Discord #scco_faq.

Are you a creator that makes things that are compatible with Srsly’s Complete Cooking overhaul and want to be added to this list? Let me know in Discord!

Recommended Mods

These mods are recommended to use with SCCO for the best gameplay experience! 

Be sure to grab these downloads too if you are interested.

If you have any suggestions for recommended mods to be added to his list let me know on Discord.


SCCO comes with the following translations. These translations are provided by others in the community and included in the mod. 

Translations get updated as they are given to me. If you have issues with a translation please let me know in Discord. 

If you are interested in becoming a translator for SCCO or any of my other mods you can contact me on Discord and I will provide you with all of the most recent strings needed.

  • English
  • Spanish – Thanks to  Dianuckethead
  • Chinese Traditional – Thanks to Weili
  • Chinese Simplified – Thanks to Mieli
  • Italian – Thanks to TheMoonGlitch
  • German – Thanks to Risa
  • Russian – Thanks to Origamika
  • Swedish – Thanks to Lakire
  • Czech – Xeria
  • Korean (Download Here – Not Included)

How to Install/Uninstall SCCO

If you have any questions or need assistance with installing or uninstalling SCCO please come by my Discord for help.

1. Download the most recent version of Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul. If using windows, un-zip the file using WinRar or 7-Zip.


2. Put the "SCCO v#" folder that you un-zipped inside your "Mods" folder. Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

DO NOT drag and drop files from inside this folder into other folders/or directly in your mods folder. You need to leave the folder intact. This is the best way to ensure the mod is working correctly and the fastest way to update when a new version is released.

(version number and content inside of the folder will be different depending on the current up-to-date version being installed.)

NOTE: Make sure you DO NOT have "Microsoft OneDrive" controlling your computers Documents Folder, if you see little green check boxes this means you are not using a local documents folder, and OneDrive needs to be disabled. OneDrive is incompatible with The Sims 4 [Pic]. This will cause major issues to your game/saves/mods/etc. If you need help with this, come by the Discord for assistance. [Disable OneDrive]


3. Remove recipes for packs you do not own. Open up the "EA Recipes" folder inside the SCCOv# folder.

Inside the "EA Recipes" folder delete files for packs you do not own or have installed. If you do not delete the files for the items not installed you will have issues with your game such as blue boxes in your crafting menus in-game.


4. NEW! Pick and Choose Ingredients! With SCCO v5.0.0+ you are now able to choose which SCCO ingredients you would like to use in your game. If there is an ingredient you do not wish to install you can delete it.

All SCCO Ingredients are 100% optional.

NOTE: If you are using the EA Cottage Living "Simple Living Lot Challenge" you must use all SCCO ingredients or use another SCCO compatible creators ingredient that uses the same tag, or type. With the Simple Living Lot Challenge active you must have all ingredients to create a dish. You will not be able to spend money to craft recipes. (You can only spend money to craft a missing "Any Ingredient" requirement with the lot challenge disabled.)
Example, if you do not have SCCO chocolate (or compatible creators chocolate) installed you will not be able to fill the requirement for any recipes that call for "Any Chocolate".

5. Remove any Cookbooks for packs you do not own/have installed. Some EA packs have recipes that are locked by careers/achievements/tasting first at market stall. Reading these cookbooks unlocks these recipes for your sim to be able to craft at home.   There is also a cheat when shift+clicking on the sim to unlock these recipes if you have the cookbook also installed.


6. Remove any Addons you don't want to use. SCCO has many different modules for added features. None of these addons are required for SCCO to function but enhance different aspects of the game.


7. Download any external SCCO-compatible downloads you want to play with. You can now download any other creators' content that needs SCCO to work or has features that work with SCCO.


8. Enjoy! All other files in SCCO are currently required for the overhaul. If you have any questions on installing, have suggestions, or just need help come by the Discord for assistance.

1. Go into your game and delete all ingredients from SCCO on your lot/world, in your fridge, etc. 


2. Delete any cooked recipes on your lot/world if they are expanded SCCO serving sizes or custom.


3. Save your game with all SCCO items removed. I recommend making a new save, just in case you wish to go back or have issues.


4. Delete the SCCO # folder inside your mods folder, and any other files relating to SCCO.


5. Start your game, and you will now have your save without any SCCO items. 

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