Have you ever been out fishing and forgot your snack? 
You can now eat all EA fish directly from your sims inventory. 
Fish can also be eaten from the world but sims will not route to their location. 
They will just start the interaction of eating. 
Depending on your sim, eating fish will regenerate a bit of Hunger/Vampire Thirst. 
Fish Included from the following packs: 
Base Game | Outdoor Retreat | Spa Day | City Living | Cats and Dogs | Vampires | Jungle Adventures |  Island Living 
Be careful eating fish, not all sims enjoy them. 
 Some fish may even kill your sim. 
There are specific buffs for the following: 
Human – +1 Inspired Buff 
Alien – +1 Inspired Buff 
Vampire – +1 Board Buff 
Mermaid – +1 Happy Buff 
PlantSim – +1 Uncomfortable Buff 
Vegetarian – +5 Uncomfortable Buff 
Squeamish – +1 Uncomfortable Buff 
Glutton – +1 Uncomfortable Buff 
Child of the Ocean – +1 Uncomfortable Buff
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