This mod speeds up the time it takes to hack and program.

Your Sim will now hack and program at 2x, 3x, or 4x the speed. 

So as an example:

If a hack took 60 seconds to complete, it will now take (30 sec) half the time if you use x2 speed.

If you use x3 or x4 you will hack/program even faster.

  • Base Game Required 
  • Tuning Override – Cannot be used with any mod that changes the same tuning. 

Choose Your Flavor

There are three speeds you can choose from. You can only use one.

  • SrslySims_FasterHackingProgramming_x2
  • SrslySims_FasterHackingProgramming_x3
  • SrslySims_FasterHackingProgramming_x4
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