I loved the new picnic basket that came with Cottage Living so I decided to make the base game décor lunch box functional! 

This functions just like the picnic basket. You will be able to pack/remove food from it. 

  • Colors: EA’s Default 3 Color Swatches
  • Found Under: Outdoor Activities
  • Fits On: Medium Slots (same as picnic basket)

What’s in the Download?

There are 3 files in the download. The “TUNING” file is required for the lunchbox to work. You can then choose the upright or side version of the lunchbox. If you want both, you can use both at the same time.

  • SrslySims_EP11_FunctionalLunchBox-TUNING
  • SrslySims_EP11_FunctionalLunchBox-Side
  • SrslySims_EP11_FunctionalLunchBox-Upright
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