Greenfield Grocery | Retail Lot & CC

Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul finally needed its own retail lot. So of course you must have SCCO installed for most of the content on this lot to be visible.

The only other custom content used on this lot that is not included is: 

 ** You will need to download both of the above items separately, they are not included in this download. ** 

Other recommended (but not placed on lot) items: 


Pack Requirements:

  • Get to Work
  • City Living
  • Get Together 
  • Dine Out

Lot Cost: §308,713

Lot Size: 40×30


This lot was built on “The Roadstead” lot in Magnolia Promenade.


Custom Grocery Custom Content

There are a total of 39 new custom content items made for this build. Below we will go over the new items with photos from inside the new lot!

1, “Frigidaire Refrigerated Display – Grocery” | Display | Functions to keep food from expiring. 

2. “SCCO Open Air Refrigerated Display” | Display |  Functions to keep food from expiring.  

3. “SCCO Grocery Fridge” | Large Appliance

4. ” Grocery Consignment Shelf Single 1×1 ” | Display | *old creation with new slots 

5. ” Grocery Consignment Shelf 1×1 ” | Display |  *old creation with new slots  

6. “SCCO Open Air Refrigerated Display – 1×1” | Display |  Functions to keep food from expiring.  

7. “The Drink Machine” | Misc Appliance | *is included in SCCO’s main Download

8. “Taped Sales Sign” | Wall Decor

9. “Order Up Window” | Window | Matches Dine Out Chef Station, has max EA allowed small slots.

10.  “Food Warming Rack” “Deli Table Sign”  “Small Produce Crate – Empty”  “Small Produce Crate – Lettuce”   | Display | Decor

11. “Market Wall Sign” | Wall Decor  

12. “Easy Energy Espresso Bar – Smaller” | Display | 2 tile espresso bar *the largest espresso machine does not fit.

12. “Market Wall Sign” | Wall Decor  

13. “Chip Display Tall” |  Small Appliance | *is included in SCCO’s main Download 

14. “Tower of Treats Display Shelves – Grocery” | Display | Functions as a retail shelf.

15. “Come and Get it Street Store – Decluttered” | Activities | City Living Sales table no clutter.

16. “Just a Net” | Wall Decor | a net without the buoys 

17. “Fish Market Wall Sign” | Wall Decor

18. “Just Buoys” | Wall Decor | buoys without the net

19. “SCCO Produce Stand Display – Corner Left” | Display | Functions to keep food from expiring.  

20. “SCCO Produce Stand Display – Center” | Display | Functions to keep food from expiring.  

21. “SCCO Produce Stand Display – Corner Right” | Display | Functions to keep food from expiring.  

22. “SCCO Grocery Wall Sign” | Wall Decor

23. “Grocery Store Checkout Counter” | Display | has 1 register slot & max EA allowed small slots

24. “Desert of Dessert Display – [Functional]” | Display | Functions to keep food from expiring.  

25. “Grocery Delivery Truck” | Lawn Ornament

26. “Grocery Stand – Flowers” | Plant | has slots for decor 

27. “Seed Packet Display” | Sculpture | Functions with the ability to buy all seed packets. Special thanks to Menaceman44 for the edited TS2 mesh.

and some items not pictured are just decor/sculpture items. 🙂 


New CAS – Accessory Aprons

Male and Female accessory aprons as pictured. They clip with some tops, but work with most. 

  • Found Under: Socks
  • Disabled for Random


How to Install the Lot “Tray Files”:

1. Download the Greenfield Grocery blueprint and Extract the .zip

2. Copy+Paste all files you just unzipped to your Tray Folder. “Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray” 

3. Open your game and go to the lot you want, enable testing cheats, bb.moveobjects on and bb.showliveeditobjects while you are in live/build mode.

4. Open the gallery, then “My Library”

5. Make sure “Include Custom Content” is checked on (as pictured)

6. You can then put the store on the lot and everything should be placed as it was intended. If you are missing decor objects around the store, be sure that you followed step 3.

How to Install the CC:

Install only ONE CC file. You do not need both. 

  • Merged – All custom content for this build merged in 1 .package file.
  • Un-Merged – All custom content in individual .packages



  • + Batch Fixed windows
  • + Updated shelves with new SCCO ingredient packages
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