Even with having unlimited space in our pockets, sometimes we want to put things away and sort them. Sadly, there are only a few storage container options in-game. 

The “Mega Storage Mod” aims to fix this by making a bunch of decor objects into functional storage!

All of the items in this download are EA Overrides. This means they cannot be used with any other mods that alter the same files.

SCCO Compatible

For those that use “Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul,” you will find unique interactions on most storage items. If you do not use SCCO you will not find these interactions and will only be able to use the items as normal storage.

There are two new interactions you will find on all the below storage types.

  • “Put Away” – Will take all items from a sim’s inventory of that type and put them in storage.
  • “Take” – Will take all items from storage and put them in a sim’s inventory.

Such as:

  • Bread – Buy Cookbooks, put/take away groceries
  • Condiments & Preserves – put/take away condiments preserves
  • Cooked Food – put/take away cooked foods
  • Drink Bottles – put/take away bottled drinks
  • Flour & Sugar – put/take away flour and sugar
  • Flowers & Seeds – put/take away flowers and seeds
  • Fruit – put/take away groceries
  • All Grocery – put/take away all EA and SCCO grocery items
  • Milk & Dairy – put/take away all dairy products
  • Produce – Buy produce, put/take away all herbs, veggies, and fruits.
  • Herbs & Spices – put/take away all herbs and spices
  • Tea & Coffee – put/take away all tea and coffee
  • Nameable – no interactions
  • Hutches – no interactions
  • Pot Racks – put/take away all EA and SCCO grocery items

Storage Types

You can find a full list of all items that have been made into functional storage below.

All items have been separated into categories based on their SCCO compatible interactions.

NOTE: More items will be added to this mod in the future. This will include things currently released and those that EA will release in the future. If you have any suggestions for an item, let me know on discord!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ingredients will not register from any inventory type other than “Fridge” and “Sim Inventory”. This is how EA made it. So you must put ingredients that you actually want to use in recipes in one of these 2 inventory types. All other inventory types are STORAGE ONLY.

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