A Nonny asked me to share the Default Replacement baby skin I used for my History Challenge game play. So here you go! 
This is for the Prehistoric Era, I will be making one for each era as my game play advances. 
Thanks to @chisimi for the actual baby skins, and @nyloa for the eyes.
It comes for both male and female. 
The male version is the topless as seen in the preview image, and the female version has a cute little tube top. 
All versions come in the zebra print. 🙂 
It all works for all default skins (Light, Medium, Dark, Blue, Green.) 
Each tone has the following eye colors.
  • Light Skin > Blue Eyes
  • Medium Skin > Green Eyes
  • Dark Skin > Copper Eyes
  • Green Skin > Green Eyes
  • Blue Skin > Blue Eyes
HOW TO USE: Unzip the file, inside you will have 10 .package files. drag and drop all 10 .package files into your mods folder.
NOTE: You can only have one DR per sex/skintone in your game at a time. If you want to change out the replacement for another, be sure to remove all 10 .packages.
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