I was asked to share my History Challenge starter lot so here you go!
First off, start a new game with an empty world. I have the lot in Oasis Springs as pictured above. 
I did use ‘bb.moveobjects on’ and ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ when creating this lot! 
Be sure to have the cheats on, and be in build/buy mode before placing the lot!  
Some things may change when you place the lot. (such as the rocks along the edge of the lot since most of them are stacked on top of each other using the (9 and 0) movement options.
If you are using this lot for the History Challenge 
you will be able to purchase this lot with your ancestors starting out. 
Since I spent more money on decorating with the rocks and plants this will cost you more to buy then what was allowed.
 I used the ‘Money X‘ cheat to make my ancestors have §100 after I finished this lot. 
So they are unable to buy anything else aside from food. 
Below is a list of the items I was sure to have before I used the Money cheat. 
I recommend starting the challenge with just the following functional items.
This lot includes:  toilet, shower, campfire, tent, fridge, pond
Lot Price: §11.043
Lot Size: 50×50
Required CC:
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