So I was talking with a friend and she was bothered by the fact that she could not purchase the “Selvadoradian Poison Antidote” outside of Selcadorada after she was using the lot trait “Creepy Crawlies” at her home and got poisoned from it.

Before this mod the only way to obtain the antidote was to travel to Selvadorada and purchase it there.

Now you can but it from any computer.


♦ Jungle Adventure Required  ♦
✮ Script Mod – This download contains Script Mods. ✮ 
There are two packages in the download. You only need one. 
Option 1 – Buy Antidote – Adds a new menu under “Order” on any computer called “Buy Antidote”.
Option 2 – Buy Antidote as Medicine – REQUIRES GET TO WORK- adds antidote to “Buy Medicine”.
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