Today I have for you two little mods for Cats & Dogs. 
You will now be able to purchase your favorite pet items anywhere in the world without having to go to the Vet!


Vet Vending Machines

By EA default, you are not allowed to purchase items from the “Vet Vending Machine” on any lot other than the “Vet” lot type. Not anymore!

You can now place the Vet Vending Machine on any community lot type and you will have the “Purchase Pet Items” interaction available.

Purchase Pet Items – On Computers!

As a bonus, I have also added the ability to “Purchase Pet Items” on any computer! You will find this option under the “Order” menu.


Important Info (PLEASE READ)

The mod is separated for those that do not want one of the above options. So you can choose if you want just the machines, computers, or both!

If you use “Scumbumbo XML Injector”, you DO NOT NEED THE SCRIPT.

If you would rather use the script instead of XML Injector, then that is fine too. 🙂 

Vet Vending Machine Anywhere changes the following tuning:


  • vetVendingMachine_purchase_Player_NPC_owned (B61DE6B4:00000019:000000000002A322)
  • vetVendingMachine_purchase_Player_Player_owned (B61DE6B4:00000019:000000000002A329)
  • vet_medicine_vending_machine (B61DE6B4:00000019:000000000002A19E)
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