Today I have for you overrides of the Parenthood “Sack Lunch” for those that are tired of the bland brown paper bag. 

You have 19 different overrides to pick from (as pictured).

You can only have 1 override installed at a time, so pick and choose which one you want to use.

At any time you can remove the override or replace it with another one. As long as you never have more than 1 override installed.

Install Guide

  1. Download & Unzip the .zip file using 7-Zip or WinRar.
  2. Place the files inside your mods folder. (File Path: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods)    Note: Script mods can only be 1 folder deep inside your mods folder, .package files can be up to 5 folders deep otherwise the game will not read them.
  3. Make sure “Custom Content” & “Script Mods” are enabled in your in-game settings.
  4. Pick only 1 of the options in the download folder. You can only install 1 override at a time.
  5. Enjoy!
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