The following are all of the changes made from version 4.6.1 to version 4.7.0 of Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul.

  • Patreon Release Date: February 28, 2022
  • Public Release Date: March 14, 2022


SCCO Informational Doc.

You can find the Info spreadsheet of all Tuning Additions and Changes Here, Some misc. information may not be listed, I will be slowly updating this document when I have time.

If you have any questions about specifics please let me know on Discord.



  • is a Removal
  • + is an Addition
  • / is a Change to a Current Feature
  • % is an EA Override addition or Change
  • * after a pack name means that pack is needed to see changes.



Misc Fixes

/ Batuu Green Milk quick snack from fridge now shows an icon of green milk and not water.

/ Batuu Blue Milk quick snack from fridge now shows an icon of blue milk and not water.

/ Moved all resources for SCCO “Chips” to customs files. You should no longer get an LE about chips if you do not use the customs files.

/ Fixed doubled customs menus for LittleDica appliances. You should no longer find doubles of the customs menus.

/ Instead of ingredients for recipes only showing for the single serving. You will now find the ingredients listed on the line for each serving size. This gives you the ability to see what the required count for each serving size is. (Note: There are currently a few items that have the wrong count, these will be fixed in the next update.)


Sims Delivery

+ Added ingredients to all recent sims delivery recipes.

+ Added price adjustments to all sims delivery recipes.

/ “Brigadeiro” recipe has been moved to the “Bake” menu, now requires the baking skill.

/ “Pão de Queijo” recipe has been moved to the “Bake” menu, now requires baking skill.


SCCO Customs Menus

/ Make Custom > Baking > “Cookies” menu is back! You can now make custom cookies again.

/ All Drinks/Frozen Items/Salads/Sandwich customs menus are now only found on the fridge. You will no longer find these menus on the stove.


Cottage Living

+ Added My Wedding Stories bouquets to be purchasable from Ms. Crumplebottoms Flower Stand.

/ All cottage living canning items now have correct tags to function for all scco recipes. (Note: if you are using EA overrides for canning object tuning from anyone else, these will conflict.)


My Wedding Stories

+ Added a “Simple Living Lot Challenge” ingredients required menu for wedding cakes. When the lot challenge is active, ingredients will be 100% required to craft a cake.

/ All wedding cakes now require the “baking skill” instead of “gourmet skill” to craft. NOTE: You will still also need level 5 in homestyle cooking just like EA required them to be able to craft wedding cakes. (So, level 5 Homestyle + level 1 Baking to unlock)

+ All wedding cakes now require basic baking ingredients. These will be changed in a future update that will include “Fondant Crafting” for you to be able to make your own fondant colors for your cakes! Since these will be changed later, I have not made price adjustments. All wedding cakes are currently priced as EA priced them.

+ Added a wedding cake icon to the “Make Wedding Cake” menu to help it stand out in the tons of pie menus.

+ Added My Wedding Stories bouquets to be purchasable from the “Purchase Flowers” SCCO shopping menu and rabbit hole flower shop.


New Custom Ingredients

+ New craftable “Caramel Syrup” ingredient, can be made via custom canning menu. Requires cottage living to craft. (BGC caramel ingredient coming soon)

+ Added “Can of Snails” ingredient, can be opened to obtain 6 snails.

+ Added “Snails” ingredient, can be harvested in the wild from logs (like frogs), and can be “planted”

+ Added wild grass plant/seeds, that will produce snails when planted.


New Customs Recipes

+ “Escargot” can now be made under the “Make Custom > Gourmet > Appetizers” menu. Requires gourmet cooking skill.

New SCCO Ingredient Tags

+ “Any Caramel” tag has been added to the SCCO Harvestables Doc, which can be used to allow any caramel ingredient to be used in a recipe.


New Add-on Files

+ Snail Stuffy, functional plush snail toy. All ages are able to play with this toy. You can even name and ask your snail stuffy the future.


New Separate Add-On Mod

+ “Srsly’s Take-Out Delivery” mod v1.0.0 is being released with this SCCO update. (Link coming soon) This mod will need to be downloaded separately, it will not be included in the SCCO download. This is being developed a little at a time. Since making the delivery menus, outfits, take-out bags/boxes, etc is time-consuming. I will be releasing a few new delivery menus each month until everything is covered. This mod will allow you to order ANY EA or SCCO custom recipes from your phone, this includes ALL serving sizes.

Current delivery options are: “Be Positive Pub (Vampires)”, “Del Sol Movie Theatre (Snacks)”, “The Frozen Slab (Ice Cream)”, “Three Amigos Latin Cuisine (Latin Food)”, “Confection Connection Cakery (Cakes), Sweet Temptation Cupcakes (Cupcakes)”, “Pride of Africa (African Food)”, “Much Ado About Muffins (Muffins/Bages/Bread)”.


Custom Recipe Compatibility

(You must download recipes individually from their respected author. None of the following are included in my mod. Only the ability to craft them in my menus.)
+ Added new custom recipes by Icemunmin, Oni, Robin, Littlbowbub, Amelice.

Custom Harvestable Compatibility

(You must download harvestables individually from their respected author. None of the following are included in my mod. Only the ability to purchase them in my menus.)
+ Added new custom harvestables by Icemunmin, Oni, Robin.



Known Issues

1. Cottage Living Canning items, when not using the “Simple Living” lot challenge are not accepting all ingredients. This is still being looked into.

2. When downloading the Greenfield Grocery Lot v5 from the gallery or tray files some items come back missing from the lot (if you see 300* something files missing when placing, this is what is missing). These items can be placed AFTER the lot has been placed down without issue. I am looking into why the following items don’t save in the uploaded build. So until I can, you will need to place the following items yourself on the shelves: Vanilla extract, flavor extract, fruit pectin, chic peas, canned corn, can beans, black olives, green olives, pasta, rice, instant coffee, dark coffee, regular coffee, decaf coffee, TV dinner, pastry, yogurt


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