I missed being able to shop for groceries in Sims 4, so I have been working on creating a few different ways to do so.

This is the first mod in my grocery shopping series! 

Update 6/24/19 – After many asks I have resurrected this mod from the dead and updated this mod to include the same purchase interactions as Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul.


You are now able to purchase groceries from:
– Phone
– Computer
– Tablet
– Cash Register (Get to Work*)

This includes all produce, fish, and flowers currently in the game.

All purchased items will show up in the sims inventory.

This mod also works with all SrslySims, IceMunMun HarvestablesKingZace Harvestables, and BrazenLotus Harvestables

This mod will be updated with new harvestables they release.
All Packs that added harvestables:

Compatible with all packs that add new harvestables to the game.
This mod will be updated to include any new harvestables added by future packs.
Script Mod – This download contains Script Mods. ✮
How to Install Script Mods:
You will have two items when you unzip the .rar file. a PACKAGE file and a TS4SCRIPT file. 

Both of these items go into your mods folder. DO NOT unzip the TS4SCRIPT file.

SCCO includes its own version of “Shop for Groceries”.

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