Today I have for you the Vault Kitchen Set! 
Here you have the Vault Counters, Islands, Cabinets, and Bar all recolored. 
I have decluttered the shelves on the counters/islands/bar and added TONS of slots so you can add anything you want! 
The only thing I changed with the cabinets is the long cabinet, I removed the counter top that was attached to it so you can use them with your favorite color variation of counters!
There is two flavors included. One black one white, they are in separate packages so you can pick your favorite or even use them both! 
They will not override each other!
 Everything also comes in my 30 color pallet.
Included in the .Zip:
  • Vault Counter – Black & White
  • Vault Island Counter – Black & White
  • Vault Cabinets – Black & White
  • Vault Bar – Black & White
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