I loved the apron from dine out, but totally hated the outfit it was attached to. 
So I decided to try my hand at making my first clothing item and here is the end result.
 There are two flavors included, one that is solid color and second is black with color on the bow/pockets/bottom hem. 
Each version comes in my 30 color pallet. 
You can choose your favorite or even put them both into your game! 
You can use this with any clothing item! 
These also work with both the muscle and fat sliders! 
Some tops/bottoms do clip through the apron. 
Its best to use tucked in style tops. 
There is also some clipping when walking for male sims with very large thighs.
You will find the aprons under the Hat category
As this was the only spot big enough to put the texture where it would not stop you from being able to use other accessories such as rings/necklaces.
Also a big thank you to @teanmoon for helping me along the way when I had troubles!
  • Found Under: CAS > Hats
  • For: Teen – Elder Males & Females
  • New Mesh!
  • Poly Count: 999
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