Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The best way to get ahold of me is my Discord server: Srsly’s Lounge! I have access to discord all hours of the day. For the times I am unavailable I have a wonderful support team to help with any questions, issues, or concerns you may have. This is my preferred method of contact.

If you are a subscriber on Patreon, you not only have special sections in my Discord server for patrons only but also the ability to send DM’s on Patreon. I check these a few times a day.

For any other formal business inquiries, please see the Contact section of the site.

All of my builds/sims that are found on the site are also found on my The Sims 4 Gallery. Come follow me!

Origin ID: SrslySims

All of my creations are available here on my website and Patreon 2-3 weeks after their Patreon pre-release.

This follows the “rule” set in place by EA stated by the CM at the time SimGuruDrake, here is the original statement from 2017.

My content will always be free.

Those that are interesting in supporting me as a creator are welcome to subscribe via Patreon for $3+ a month for early access to my content. But it is not required.

Most of my mods are created with the plans on developing them further. So most of the time, no. I will not make direct changes when asked. If I did, I would be changing aspects of my creations over and over for everyone.

You are welcome to stop by #public_suggestions on my Discord to let me know of any ideas you had. If it is something that I can do/add that will not need to be changed multiple times I will be happy to look into it.

I always appreciate suggestions about how I can make something better for all of you!

No, I do not directly take public requestsWhy? Because I have to be able to enjoy what I am creating. If it is not something I personally could enjoy. I don’t want to give someone a creation that I was not passionate about.

However, I do take #Public_Suggestions on my Discord! If you would like to suggest for me to create something you are welcome to any time.

I also accept Patreon Requests. Those that subscribe to my Patreon under the $5+ tier are welcome to make requests. Please DM me via Patreon/Discord/Contact before subscribing if you are unsure if I will accept the request.

Check out my “Request & Commissions” section of my site for more info.


Please, always give credit with a link when using my work.

• You may use my creations for your own stories, movies, contest, modeling, poses, etc.
• You may not use my work and claim it as your own!


• Do NOT upload to The Sims Resource, or Mod the Sims, etc.
• Do NOT reupload my stuff to any other sites! (Free or Paysites)
• You may post links to my work on your site. They must direct here on my website or Patreon.
• Do NOT reupload my files to your own file hosting sites. (e.g. SimFileShare, Dropbox, Mediafire, Google Drive)
• Do NOT package my textures or meshes with your work! Link back to MY download.
• Do NOT include my work in any of your uploads, including MODS folder uploads or build / Lots.
• Anyone that wants my work should have to come to my Website, Tumblr, Creator Studio, TSR, or MTS pages only.


You may do anything with my sims that have been uploaded to the gallery. Those sims that you download via actual files are restricted. Unless it states on the post that you may change them.

Sim Restrictions Include:
• You may use them for story, movie, contest, modeling, etc.
• You may alter their facial features.
• You may NOT reupload them anywhere and claim them as your own.
Lot Restrictions Include:
• You may change anything on my Community or Residential lots!
• You may NOT reupload them anywhere and claim them as your own.


Clothing Restrictions:
• You may NOT include with Lots.
• You may NOT include with Sims.
• You may NOT reupload them anywhere and claim them as your own.
• You may NOT alter my clothing creations and re-upload them.
• If you would like clothing alterations, just ask. I would be more than happy to alter it for you.
Recolors Restrictions:
• Recolor to your heart’s content, but please give proper credit and tag me.
Mesh Restrictions:
• You may NOT include with Lots or Lot Tray Files.
• You may NOT include with Sims or Sims Tray Files.
• You may NOT include my meshes with your upload. (Tutorial for Not Including the Mesh)
• You may NOT modify or edit them. (Unless we have discussed it.)
• You may NOT reupload them anywhere and claim them as your own.
• You may NOT convert them for other games (e.g. Second Life, IMVU, etc.)
• Ask before converting my creations for Sims 2 or Sims 3.

Mod Files

Mod Restrictions:
• Do NOT upload my mods or parts of my mods. Everyone who downloads my creations must come to my website or Patreon.
• Do NOT alter my files and claim as your own.
• You may alter my files for personal use.
• You may request a tutorial on how something was created.

If you have any questions about what you can or cannot do with my creations you can stop by my Discord, or contact me here on the website.

I do accept donations and gifts. They are very much appreciated but never required.

Donation Links:

Gift Wishlists

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You can find a complete list will all of the mods and custom content that I use in my game on the “The Mods Folder” section of the site.

Computer Specs & Peripherals

Operating System: Windows 10

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

Ram: 16GB DDR4 1066MHz

Motherboard: MPG x570 Gaming Edge Wifi

Graphics: AMD Radeon r9 380 4GB

Storage: 500 GB M.2 | 2x 1TB SSD | 1TB WD Black HDD | 500GB WD Blue HDD

Power Supply: 750W

Keyboard: Generic backlit mechanical

Mouse: Logitech G300s

Headset: Steelseries Arctis 9

Webcam: Logitech c920

Monitor: Acer H236HL (Main) Acer s271HL (Second)

Art Programs: 

Meshing Programs:

Sims 4 Programs:

Streaming Programs

Misc. Programs