Frequently Asked Questions


On this page you will find a list of frequently asked questions. 

Please look over this page before contacting, generally most answers can be found here.

If you have any questions not listed, feel free to contact Srsly on Discord.

I do take requests. But I only take subscriber requests at this time. This is due to time restraints.

You can find more information on my "Commissions" page here on the site or stop by my Patreon or Discord for more info.

If you want to put in a request, be sure to message Srsly first to ensure she can take the request.

Turn off "Laptop Mode" in your in game settings. This happens because some items are saved in a compression that "Laptop Mode" can not render properly. 

To fix this, simply turn it off and restart your game.

Contact via Discord. If you find any bugs, or have any issues with any of my content please message me on Discord. 

You can post publicly in the #general_game_help section or put in a 1-on-1 DM with support staff under #bug_reports in the server.

Maybe. If it is not one of my main sims for a story etc. I am happy to share my sims with others. 

Just ask and I can post them to the gallery or create a lookbook with a download for the sim.

Sure! All I ask is that you do not reupload her anywhere. You can find the post to download here and find a list of all the CC used on "The Mods Folder" page here on the site. 

You can also find a no-cc version on my gallery (Origin ID: SrslySims). 

Be sure to tag me so I can check her out in your game.

Yes! Feel free to use my color palette for anything. 

You can download the swatches and actions on the "Resource" section of the site. 

You can find a tutorial on how I do my recolors  on the "Tutorial" page.

This means you most likely are using a program that doesn't extract all file types properly. 

To unzip files, I recommend "WinRAR" or "7-Zip" only. 

I am 30-something. 

St. Augustine Florida 

(But no longer live there, sadly.)

Since 2001. 

I have been a simmer almost all my life. Thanks to my father, I fell in love with the sims franchise in the beginning and never left the community.

I find most of the custom content I use in my game on Tumblr.

I recommend Tumblr since it gives you the ability to find all kinds of different content by various creators in the community. 

You can use the #TS4CC or #Sims4CC tags to find all kinds of neat downloads. 

You can also check out "The Mods Folder" section of the site as well as my "CC Finds" blogs

If you want to know where I got a specific item then the best way to find out is to post in the #WCIF_and_CCFinds section of my Discord.

You can also leave me an ask on Tumblr.