Tired of being able to make a 9-5 job salary by picking flowers? me too. 

Flowers (along with many other things) are just way too dang expensive. I shouldn’t be able to make over §1000 from just 1 flower…

Now all flowers have a much cheaper/realistic price. (*See spreadsheet at the bottom of this post for all changes)

This mod will conflict with anything that overrides the EA “Object Tuning” for any of the price-adjusted flowers listed.

This mod covers all flowers in the game:

  • Base Game
  • Get to Work
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Seasons 
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Vampires

as more flowers are added to the game, this mod will be updated.

In the download, you will be able to remove any .package files for packs you do not own. You must pick and choose what you have installed. Do NOT install overrides for packs you do not own.


This is Pt.1 of more price adjustment types coming soon. Keep an eye out for more.

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