Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO) is a complete overhaul of all things cooking!

This mod changes all EA aspects of cooking to make them feel more realistic and immersive. This mod expands EA recipes, adds custom recipes, and custom ingredients,  and even adds grocery shopping to your game.

I created this mod because I love cooking and wanted more from it in my gameplay.
In real life, you might not be able to afford a meal or need to shop before you can cook.
So now you have to in Sims as well!
Just be careful you don’t stave…


  • Get to Work

The above packs are required for the mod to work. You cannot use this mod without the above packs. 

Current Version

SCCO is an ongoing project. It receives monthly updates to add new content and features.

How to Install

Step by Step install guide with gifs can be found here.

SCCO has many different features.
Some features require you to own certain packs.
Some features are optional and can be removed/added to your liking.

If you have any questions about installing, and the guide cannot help you come by my Discord!

Grocery Shopping

With SCCO you are able to shop for groceries in your game!  

This includes the ability to purchase all EA herbs, fruits, fish, and vegetables. As well as many new packaged custom cooking ingredients that have been added to this mod. You will also be able to purchase other creators custom harvestables and ingredients while shopping for groceries.

How To Buy Groceries

There are many different ways that you are able to purchase groceries with SCCO.
  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Tablet Computer
  • Cash Register (Get to Work)
  • Rabbit Holes
Click on the tabs below to go over how to shop with each of these above:

Custom Packaged & Single Ingredients

SCCO adds many new cooking ingredients to the game. New ingredients are added all the time!
There are two types of new ingredients: Packaged & Single
Most ingredients are purchased in a “Packaged” form. 
This is so you have a nice presentation to display your groceries in your own retail store! 
Most ingredients also include 1 small slot on top so items can be stacked easily.
You will need to open the packaged ingredients before cooking.
Each packaged item will give you 6 of the single ingredient once opened.
You can open packaged ingredients by clicking on them.
Some “Single Ingredients” can be eaten directly. But be careful… 
Raw Items can make some Sims a little… sick… 

SCCO Custom Ingredients List:

Below you will find a spreadsheet of all the packaged and single SCCO ingredients.

EA Recipe Overhauls & Changes

I have overhauled all EA recipes to make them require more realistic ingredients.
You will now need to use many different harvestable & ingredients to make a dish.

SCCO overhauls every food recipe in the game! Nothing has gone unnoticed.

No matter what pack you own, you will be able to have consistency between all of your recipe’s required ingredients. You will no longer find any EA recipes that require no ingredients.

NOTE: I will continue to make changes to all new EA recipes as they are released.

SCCO EA Recipe Changes

Below you will find a spreadsheet of all EA and EA Expanded recipes with their ingredient requirements:

Additional Features

SCCO has many working parts and features. This is to help bring as much immersion as possible into the world of cooking. Below you can find the other additional features included in the mod:
  • Dessert as Baking
  • Additional Serving Sizes
  • Expanded Recipes
  • Taste First Cookbooks

Click on the tabs below to go each feature of these above:

SCCO Custom Food & Menus

Included in SCCO are optional files for custom food and drink recipes created by myself.
You will not find these recipes anywhere outside of the mod!

New recipes are added all the time!
You can find a list of all custom recipes below.

NOTE: Some menus are blank, they were added for compatibility with other creator’s custom recipes, as well as for future SCCO recipes that have not yet been added.

Add-On Optional Gameplay Features

SCCO has many features that are not required for the mod to function but add different immersive aspects to your gameplay. All of these files can be added or removed at any time.

  • Cowplant Milking
  • Grocery Subscription Service


Click on the tabs below to go each feature of these above:

Add-On Optional Content

SCCO also includes fixes and functional custom content that can be used with the mod.
These files are not required and can be added/removed at any time.

Some optional files require specific packs, be sure to check the requirements if you do not own all packs.

Mod Compatibility Information

SCCO strives to have as much compatibility with other mods as possible.
I am always happy to take make compatibility updates for any creator when asked.

Below you can find out what is and is not compatible with SCCO.


SCCO is compatilbe with:

  • Custom Harvestables
  • Custom Recipes
  • Custom Food/Drink Menus

SCCO is always compatible with creations by:

IceMunMun | KingZace | LittlBowBub
Oni | Robin | BrazenLotus | Amelice | YourFalseHope | AroundTheSims4

Note: IceMunMun recipes REQUIRE The Food Group Food/Drink Interactions. You need the .package files for these recipes to work.

Not Compatible

SCCO is not compatible with any mod that:

  • Overrides EA food recipes
  • Overrides EA drink recipes
  • Edits EA “StartCrafting” food/drink menus.

You can find the “SCCO Info Doc” here with a complete list of all SCCO changes/overrides.
(*See #SCCO_FAQ in Discord for a list of incompatible mods)

Recommended Mods

Other Items Made for SCCO

The following mods, custom content, and builds are not required for SCCO.
These are some items that were made with the mod in mind, and I recommend using them with my mod.
Click the links below to download these files:
  • Greenfield Grocery Store + CC – A functional retail lot to buy SCCO groceries. With many decor and functional CC objects made for the build.
  • Choosy Choices Vending Machine – A functional vending machine to buy drinks and snacks.
  • Grocery Coolers & Fridge – Functional industrial fridge and deep freeze coolers.


SCCO has been translated to other languages. You can find most of these translations included in the mod.
Translations are updated with every new release of the mod.

  • Chinese (Simplified) – Thanks to Ajia
  • Chinese (Traditional) – Thanks to Weili
  • French – Thanks to MaiaGame
  • German – Thanks to Nightlock & Risa
  • Italian – Thanks to TheMoonGlitch
  • Russian – Thanks to Origamika
  • Spanish – Thanks to Dianuckethead
  • Czech – Thanks to Xeria
  • Finnish – Thanks to Caigel
  • Swedish – Thanks to Lakire
  • Polish – Thanks to Czahri
  • Portuguese (BR) – Thanks to Marshmallow Llamacorn
  • Korean (Download Here – Not Included)

If you are interested in translating to a language not listed let me know!


Click on any of the buttons below to download the mod.

Be sure to check the “Install Guide” for all information about installing.
If you have any questions, feel free to come by my Discord for help.

You can find all information about the most recent update of the mod on Patreon!

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