The Juice-o-Matic (Functional Juicer)

Now you can finally get a nice glass of fresh-squeezed juice! 

You can take any of your favorite EA fruit or veggies and create a glass of juice.

This mod is for Base Game, with optional files for other packs.

  • Found Under: Small Appliances

This functional object was once included in the SCCO mod, but is now standalone!

If you have SCCO installed, you will also be able to grab a “Quick Meal” from the fridge for a serving of juice of your choice. If you do not have SCCO installed, you will only be able to get juice from the juicer itself.

(The Juice-o-Matic was removed from the 4.6.0+ version of SCCO. You must download it separately from this post. You will no longer find it included in the mod.)

Juice Types

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